Philanthropy | Community Work

Kelvin Changur is a passionate traveler and philanthropist who thoroughly enjoys giving back to his community. Generosity and altruism shape his core values, and he often volunteers with his local church. Some of his most rewarding memories come from interacting with his faith-based community, with whom he shares both beliefs and morals. Kelvin always makes sure to allocate a portion of his time to charitable causes, and he feels lucky to be surrounded by people who support and encourage this mindset.

Close to two years ago, Kelvin Changur was involved with an organization that visited diverse parts of the world, donating free hearing aids to people who were unable to afford them. Not only was he able to help a tremendous amount of people in this capacity, but he was exposed to many different parts of the world in the process, including Africa, Asia, and South America. In each new destination, the team involved with the charity would set up in different towns and hundreds of people would come to receive hearing aids from volunteers. Kelvin was always at the center of the process, fitting the hearing aids on people himself; the work was always incredibly fulfilling, and made him feel at home wherever he went.

In addition to international humanitarian work, Kelvin also enjoys volunteering with his local church. Once a month, they organize a large-scale event in which volunteers travel to many different homeless shelters, cooking and distributing food to those in need. He has a particular inclination to helping abused women, in part because he knows people who experienced abuse firsthand and it affects him deeply. His ultimate long-term goal is to dedicate himself to providing more diversified options and escape routes for mistreated women. He wants to make a lasting contribution to the alleviation of spousal abuse in today’s society.

In order to accomplish his goal, he has founded a burgeoning business called Universal Direct. Due to his own travel experience, Kelvin has been able to develop a masterful understanding of countless cultures, allowing him a unique and insightful perspective of innumerable areas. His knack for philanthropic initiatives has allowed him to develop complex and meaningful relationships with people around the world from all walks of life.

From lower-income metropolitan communities to less fortunate rural villages, Kelvin has traversed the world getting to know the planet we call home. He credits his empathetic nature to the traveling he did as a kid, which to this day is ingrained in his nature. With a kindness of spirit and an ambition to do well in the world, Kelvin moves forward full of hope, full of optimism, and full of love.