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The tragedy of domestic violence is a remarkably common yet despicable practice that continues to batter women, to ruin lives, and to take a nearly incalculable tragic toll on children. Thankfully, there are groups throughout the country that make an effort to combat these hateful situations, to make women and children and other victims of domestic violence feel safe despite their nearly overwhelming vulnerability. These groups deserve acknowledgment for their efforts, recognition for their accomplishments, and gratitude for all they have done. Below lie some of the most successful non-profit ...

Kelvin Changur, New Destiny Housing, Charity
June 21, 2016

New Destiny Housing

One in every four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their life. To think such a despicable practice is so common is revolting; and yet it continues to play an unfortunately pervasive role in society. Countless women have fallen victim to violence in the home, and not all have risen up again as survivors. While there are certainly multiple organizations dedicated to combating this terrible phenomenon, there still needs to be a greater effort on the part of society to helping these trapped women escape the prison that their homes have sadly become. It is this notion ...


While philanthropy plays a role of the utmost significance in society, the details of these vital organizations generally remain in the dark. While, yes, we know there is a difference between public and nonprofit organizations, we, all-too-often anyway, do not know what the difference is, what it means, and how it should affect us in distinguishing what not-for-profit we decide to contribute to. Non-Profit A not-for-profit organization is a company that is founded with goals in addition to merely turning a profit. Generally, these companies are made up of well-known institutions like ...