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Stand Up for these Standout Groups

The tragedy of domestic violence is a remarkably common yet despicable practice that continues to batter women, to ruin lives, and to take a nearly incalculable tragic toll on children. Thankfully, there are groups throughout the country that make an effort to combat these hateful situations, to make women and children and other victims of domestic violence feel safe despite their nearly overwhelming vulnerability. These groups deserve acknowledgment for their efforts, recognition for their accomplishments, and gratitude for all they have done. Below lie some of the most successful non-profit domestic violence organizations in contemporary culture:

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence

By seeking to aid domestic violence victims from a legal standpoint, this altruistic not-for-profit provides victims with the tools they need to properly utilize the legal system. Considering the complex nature of America’s penal system, they provide an invaluable service for vulnerable victims in their time of great need.

Equality Now

By collaborating with grassroots organizations, Equality Now attempts to both protect and promote the rights of women and girls across the world. By officially recording instances of domestic violence, they are able to both create and mobilize impressive movements to free women and children from dangerous circumstances the world over.

Futures Without Violence

Devoted to advance the health, stability, education, and security of not just women and children but men as well, FWV makes a distinctive impression on the domestic violence nonprofit community. In fact, they a role of vital significance in passing the Violence Against Women Act back in 1994. Today, they continue to maintain their involvement by working with various policy makers and healthcare professionals. Just as well, they make a particular effort to disseminate proper information about domestic violence around the world. By educating the surrounding community, they are helping to both dissuade and prevent domestic violence.


Translating to “primal woman” in Sanskrit, Manavi is a women’s rights not-for-profit dedicated conclusively ending violence and exploitation against South Asian women. In a region of the world where information is not immediately available, Manavi provides a fantastic service that helps those who need help most.They provide direct support to survivors of domestic violence in addition to aiding grassroots organizations. Just as well, they provide a particular emphasis on the disseminating vital information at both local and national levels.

Domestic violence continues to be an unacceptable phenomenon that plagues the lives of nearly countless individuals. Quite frankly, any domestic violence is unacceptable, and yet it is a common tragedy that worsens the life of nearly innumerable human beings, men, women, boys, and girls all included. It is only by standing together that we can put a stop to it, and the above organizations are only the start.